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Why You May Need An EFT Expert

You might know tapping points , but it is not working for you. EFT is much more than tapping points.

If you want to be more proficient you can always attend workshop and learn how to apply it properly. You might be even trained in EFT and get stuck.

Experienced and trained practitioners get over 80% success rate. It is important not to blame EFT as a therapy if you did not get results. More likely it is level of your skills and experience that are stopping you from getting results. There is a good chance that experienced EFT practitioner can help you. 


  • User’s ability to tune into the problem is the most important factor for the success. Experienced therapists had    appropriate training and experience to find core issues.
  •  Therapist also knows extra techniques to help in more difficult cases.
  •   In cases of overwhelming emotions like severe trauma and abuse, it is advisable to work with EFT therapist who   can use gentle approaching techniques.
  •  Therapist can see issues from the different perspective/angle. We all have blind spots when we are working on     own issues. Even therapies work with each other for that reason.
  •    It is very healing when someone else sees the beauty in you that you can not see from where you are.
  •    Combining the energy and intention of two people that are sharing the single purpose (therapies and client) has   more powerful effect.
  •   Sometimes just the fact that therapist is tapping on you can make a difference.
  •  There are number of people that are not interested to learn more about EFT, but want help from someone who is   experienced and trained sufficiently to be able to help you.

Jasmina Kovacev BSc, EFT Expert

EFT Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer by AAMET
Personal Performance and Wellness Coach


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