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About Me

My name is Jasmina Kovacev and my goal is to help
you to achieve your goals and better performance
through permanent changes using EFT.


I am a specialist, when it comes to transcending limits. I am a specialist when it comes to expanding your borders and your boundaries. I know something about crossing borders and boundaries and limits considering that my whole life is about transcending borders and boundaries and limits: linguistic boundaries, philosophical boundaries, political system boundaries, health limits…

Even my trainings are in 6 different countries and that requires a lot of boundary crossing – not only literally.

I have gone from growing up in an essentially communistic society which did not celebrate individuality and individual expression, to someone who learned a new language and learned how to sell well in the ultimate world of capitalism.

I know what it’s like to think that sickness and pain is part of daily life, what it’s like to think I’ll never be able to transcend a border, I’ll never be able to stand up, I know what it’s like to have to learn a new language, to adapt to a political system, change a career 5 times...
I learned how to take a stand for myself. And here I am, healthier then ever in my age 57, a successful businesswoman, in a capitalistic and free society. I am in love with what life has to offer and I want to show you the tools that enabled me to get to where I am. My love is helping people transform and heal themselves.

The main way that I do that is through Emotional Freedom Technique and other Energy Psychology modalities. But I have a very, very broad background in other disciplines that enables me to go further than most EFT trainers will go.

And when I say trainer, yes I am interested in speaking to largegroups of people. I have a strong background in communications training. I am not just a one-on-one practitioner or just a trainer. I am a woman who invested not only in number of professional trainings (30 disciplines so far) but also been trained as a trainer in accelerated learning and a speaker. It makes me extremely comfortable in front of an audience, whether it’s a live audience in person, or whether it’s a media audience.

And it’s my joy in life having to share what I know with people.

I am EFT Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer by AAMET (international Association for Advancement of Meridian Therapies). I have also been trained personally by Gary Craig - founder of EFT at his Masters training 2006.

Other techniques that I have been trained in are an extra benefit to you along side EFT. That gives me skills to work with you towards your goals and with much better understanding of your needs.

My basic educational background is BSc Phyto Medicine.

Other trainings are in the area of:

• Herbal Medicine
• Holistic and Applied Iridology
• NLP Master
• German New Medicine
• META-Health
• Life Coaching
• Wealth Coaching
• Silva Mind Control..
• Neuro – Repatterning
• Touch for Health
• Business trainings by entrepreneurs (like Brad Sugars, Roger
Hamilton, Christopher Howard)
• PSYCH-K advanced
• Theta Healing
• +Number of other modalities (30 so far and growing)

I have been involved in different alternative approaches to body –
mind – emotions since 1992.



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