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Fainting, Dizziness, Insecurity

For the last 3 years I had combination of problems – fainting, dizziness, and insecurity. I could not find the reason why and it was getting worst, to the extend I could not drive or stay on my own. It is amazing how powerful our mind is. I am now my old self and it is the first time I can see what it means “It is all in your head”.


“Twenty years ago my right ear went completely deaf the day after my first son was born. The ear specialists told me that the nerve ending had died (cause unknown) and that I would never hear in that ear again. After 1 session of EFT I could hear a hissing sound in my right ear. After the 2nd session of EFT I could hear female voices and after the 3rd session of EFT I could hear male voices. At first I could only pick up the sounds of voices, but now I can pick up a lot of words as well. It just keeps getting better. I am so grateful for the information I have gained from EFT and continue to be amazed. Thank you so much.”  By  Rose Lamb.

Constant back pain after an accident and surgery 

“During a day bush walking (16 years ago), a bridge I was on broke and I fell 2 meters landing on my bottom and falling backwards over a tree root. Paralyzed from my waste down I lapsed in and out of consciousness.
What had actually happened was that a disc had exploded and its contents shot directly into my spinal column, cutting it off and paralyzing me. The paralysis lasted for 1 week or so until the swelling of the disc decreased. Paralysis came and went with activity levels.

2000 -2004 I had 3 surgeries that left me with lots of residual back pain for what I had to take Tramol painkillers.
I have tried lots to get away from the pain.

My wife introduced EFT to me, but our sessions did little to help so she introduced me to Jasmina and I have had very good results.
I was taking 500-700mg of Tramol per day and after two sessions I have been able to drop this down to a mere 200mg. Possibly doesn’t sound huge but it is. My clarity of mind is returning and albeit activity does increase pain levels, I now have an option to exercise moderately without disabling myself. And this is 3 years after the surgery. Doctor told me that there is max 2 years for window of opportunity for the pain to reduce.

My belief for a pain free life has been restored and I am heading for that exactly.
There will be more sessions with EFT and Jasmina. Bit by bit we will sort out anything holding me back.” by R. K.

Health and emotional issues

“I feel confident to be me again, to listen to myself and accept myself. I am happier with my new found happiness in such short time. My stomach is working much better now.” R.G.

Various issues over period of time

“I am now willing to see my own beauty. After being in pain for majority of my life I am now pain free”  E. C.

Pain - leg and neck

I had an overwhelming pain in my right leg for over 3 months and a pain in my neck that I needed to manage by two painkillers every day  One in the morning (to be able to function) and at night (so that I can sleep).  I had a few visits to an osteopath without much improvement.

After only one session with Jasmina I had 75% less pain in my neck and leg. I only took two pain killers for the whole following week. I also feel much happier, a lot freer about everything and I am looking forward to further sessions. M.B.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Client started working with herbalist and came to see me for IBS that was getting worst. After only 2 weeks and 2 sessions here is her feedback. 
“ My symptoms of IBS are gone. I now calmly respond to environment around me, specially related to eating issues. I am also less stressed around people. Even my herbalist was surprised how fast  I have recovered." M.L. 


I had diabetes for a year. We worked on dietary habits and cravings (among many other things) and I am now naturally letting go of sweets. I do not even remember to buy them now in the supermarket. That has never happened before.

My sugar reading did not shoot high for the whole week after my first session. With the work we did I feel more confident and have higher self-esteem and feel fantastic in many different ways. I am looking forward to addressing other issues. T.B.

Chronic health issue that we are still working on

After 5 sessions and working on many emotional issues, here is the feedback from K.S.

“I am at better level with my parents, I am stronger when outspoken, I am not bothered by small things, I feel myself lighter with more energy and can do more things.”

Rheumatoid Arthritis, artistic performance blockage

 “I have been to counseling before, but this is so much better. I got counseling plus all my issues are not there anymore. It is like extra huge benefit.

Our work helped me tremendously with getting relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I feel that I am fully on my way to complete recovery. I have more energy than before specially now when I need it through hard time that my life circumstances are bringing.

In relation to art performance blockage, I now feel safe to be special and express my talents” J.G.


Numerous health issues that came suddenly, including Hernia and Allergies

 “I feel like a huge metal weight attached to my legs with chain is now gone. Many things are so much clearer to me. Allergies are getting under control and I am sure that other things are on the way to recovery. It is good to know that what was creating it is not there any more. Such a liberation!” A.N.

Headache and various emotions

Client had extremely strong headache. It opened the door for many emotions to come out over few sessions. Here is her comment of the experience:

“Through our sessions I managed to confront difficult emotions and work through them. It also helped me to release pain that is associated to certain emotions as well as forgive others. It also helped abolish physical symptoms caused by bottling things up and ignoring my issues”D.G.

Chronic sore throat and itchy ears

“After 6 months of having a sore throat and itchy ears and a few visits to doctor who gave me some medication, I still got nowhere. My fear of dyeing from cancer was growing daily. After one session and 2 follow-ups the fear was completely gone, including the sore throat and itchiness in my ears. We found the main reason that contributed to all of my mentioned problems. It is unbelievable how our mind can link things together and play up.” J.R.


Cancer testimonials

I was requested to remove number of genuine testimonials from clients that had cancer that I worked with supporting them at the emotional and mental level and teaching them coping skills.

Emotional and mental support is crutial for those that are affected. I will not elaborate why here, instead you can watch the video testimonials and contact me directly via email jasminakovacev@gmail.com for further explanation and testimonials.

Considering that I have removed all testimonials related to cancer, I have to tell you that from all people on the video, only one of them is not in the phisical body on 24th October 2017. This video was made in spring 2012. Actualy this video is not about my one-on-one work at all (testimonials were), but still it shows what this kind of work can do for peole that are touched by cancer.

What happened?

Apparantly, there is Association for Scientific Based Health Care that claims that there is no scientific evidence that emotions affect health. At the same time, we all know that stress, meaning our emotional reaction to what is happening in our life, affects our health big time. There are numerous researches that explored and proved it, but Association for Scientific Based Health Care never heard of it.

They also did not like great testimonials from real clients. Their representative is saying that testimonials are not true. That means accusing someone with no evidence at all.

Association for Scientific Based Health Care complained to Advertising Standards Authority. The same Authority requested that testimonials get changed and than signed by people that wrote them. There are few things wrong in that request:

  1. Testimonial is testimonial, it is not right to ask someone to change own testimonial,
  2. And then to request that their name is published or released to that Authority. Some of my clients never told anyone what they are going through. Some of them have their reasons why they do not want their names to be released to anyone.
  3. Profesional code requires clients' confidentiality that I would be breaching by publishing or releaseing clients names.

If you are still reading this and are interested to know how others were helped with the work I do (not EFT, but the whole lot of support that I provide for those affected with this condition, or those that are already over it or those that are supporting people that are affected), feel free to contact me via email to jasminakovacev@gmail.com

I am here confirming that all testimonials removed are 100% genuine. At least above mentioned Scientific Based Health Care Association can not say that video testimonials are false.





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